How To Play

What Restaurant? is a free mobile picture puzzler that gives you classic brands, in hopes that you can correctly guess the answer. Most national chains have a recognizable logo, signage or emblem. What Restaurant? has created custom artwork of the images we grew up and still enjoy today.

At the beginning of each level, you are presented with an image. Your job is to spell out the name of the restaurant from the letters provided underneath the image. Coins are earned for each level and can be used in the virtual store to buy boosts that help you on levels that give you trouble. Some of these levels will be super easy, while others will be more challenging.¬†Everyone visits different eateries and there’s something in this game for everyone.

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What Restaurant Answers

What Restaurant? is one of the top games on the iTunes charts. You can play it on your iPhone, iPod or iPad. The object of the game is the look at obscured and disguised restaurant logos and figure out what they are. Use the letters provided to spell out the restaurant name to move on to the next level. If you need help with any of the answers, What Restaurant Answers is here to help. We've got the solutions to every single level.